User Management on the Collstream Platform

How to add users

To get users added to an account email with the name of the users and their email addresses that you want adding, and a user to match their access against.

User access levels

There are two base levels of access on the Collstream platform:

  • Supervisor – Can see the activities of all other users on the account and has access to all templates
  • Associate – Can only see their own activity and only have a set number of templates

Access can also be restricted in the following ways:

  • 1-2-1 SMS access can be disabled/enabled
  • SMS free text can be locked down and users can be restricted to using templates only, this applies to both 1-2-1 and Bulk messaging
  • User’s ability to load, pause and cancel SMS campaigns can be restricted
  • Users can be limited to sending messages under 160 characters
  • The MI section can be removed from chosen users.

Any access amendments and user removals can be requested by emailing

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