How to Send a 1-2-1 Message via the Collstream Portal

To send a 1-2-1 message Via the Collstream portal, simply load the ‘My Esendex’ page and go to the ‘New One2One SMS’ page.

To send a 1-2-1 message please follow the below steps:

  1. Enter the phone number you wish to send to
  2. Enter a recipient name. This step is optional; the name of the recipient will be placed in front of your message content
  3. Enter a reference code. This step is also optional; this reference will appear after the message in the following format: ‘Reference:REF’
  4. Enter your message content or choose a template. If you want to amend the Sender ID for your 1-2-1 messages please email
  5. Schedule the message to send straight away or in the future
  6. Finally click send; a message should appear saying ‘Message Sent OK’.

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