Text 2 Call Back (Collstream SMS)

Customers send a text message quoting a keyword to your short code number, which in turn triggers an immediate call back from the call centre. After a brief introduction, the customer is connected directly with an agent. The call can also be prioritised if it encounters a queue.

If a time is specified in the text message, the call back is automatically scheduled for that time. In addition call centre operating hours can also be set. If a message is received out of hours an email is sent to the call centre manager for notification and a reply message sent to the customer.

The system offers:

  • Automatic SMS or call back in response to incoming text message
  • Bespoke call flows can be selected for each keyword
  • Ability for recipients to specify call back time
  • Ability for customers to request an immediate call back or at a suitable time
  • Ability to set operating hours 24/7
  • Email alerts to your call centre for out of hours call back requests
  • Flexible reporting options available
  • Seamless integration with your telephone system or standalone numbers such as 0300 / 0344 / 0345
  • Dedicated or shared short codes or long numbers
  • Completely automated system
  • Multiple sender IDs
  • Full audit trail of all messages
  • Full reporting and management suite.

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