SMS Surveys Results and Analytics

To download the detailed report for your SMS Survey, click the three dots next to the survey and select ‘Download Report’ from the menu.

  • There are two report styles available – ‘Standard’ and ‘Recipient’
  • The Standard report shows each answer from each recipient separately
  • The Recipient report shows all answers by respondents

Please note: all responses (including non-conforming responses and additional details captured by enhanced matching) are recorded and provided in reports.

Standard report

Reporting includes: phone number, delivery status, question number, time question was sent, answer label, time answer was received and the answer text.

Recipient report

Report includes: phone number, delivery status, time first question was sent, time first answer was received, answer labels and answer text.

The information provides a total overview of all received results and can be filtered to certain time periods.

All reporting is done in GMT + 00:00 coordinated universal time.

Visual Analytics

To view visual analytics simply click on the survey.

Each question will give you the option to view results as a pie or bar chart.

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