How to Add a New Echo User

Video tutorial


Setting up individual users on your account will allow you to track your account and gives you control over each user’s access (view our guide to user roles here).

To add a new user you need to be an Admin user, which gives you access to the account settings.

Once you’ve clicked into Echo, you need to click the ‘Settings’ tab and then click the ‘User management’ option in the sub-menu.

Towards the right-hand side of the screen is an ‘Email address’ field. Type in the email of the user you would like to set up and click the green ‘Add’ button.

This will send the new user an email inviting them to create a password with which to log into their account.

All users are by default created as Standard, if you want to create an Administrator user, you need to straight away change the Role menu against the user to Admin.

The User management page can also be used to change user permissions.

All existing users are displayed in a list with their current access level.

You can change user permissions simply by using the drop down menu next to the username; it will save automatically. You can delete the user by click on the “Remove” button.

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