Sending International SMS

If you need to send messages outside of Ireland all you need to do is add the international country code to the start of the number. For example if you need to send to Australia add 61 to the start of the mobile number.

You generally don’t need to worry about adding the 00 prefix as our system will take care of this, though you can add it if you wish, or it’s included in your normal data extraction. Exceptions to this are if the mobile number with country code is less than 11 characters (i.e. Norway or Singapore) then we request that you add the 00.

Does it cost extra to send SMS overseas?

It depends on the country to which you’re sending, and your message volume. If you have discussed your international sending requirements with your account manager, your bill will be itemised by the countries you send to using ‘Destination Specific Pricing’ (DSP). Otherwise, your international sends will appear under a ‘RoW’ (Rest of World) line on your invoice.

To understand more about DSP, please contact your account manager on 01 631 9410.

Restrictions on sending international SMS

There are no restrictions on the Esendex platform; you can send to any mobile device in the world if the number is valid. However, each country has their own networks and restrictions and so delivery of the message may not be successful.

Some countries have restrictions on what Sender ID can be used, the content of messages which can be sent, and the time and days when a message can be sent.

If you’re sending outside of Ireland and you’re unsure about the country’s restrictions, your account manager or the support team will be able to help you.

Some countries’ networks may change your Sender ID before they allow messages to deliver. This means your messages may reach the handset appearing differently to how you intended. It is sometimes possible to register a Sender ID, so please contact your account manager if this is something you would like help with.

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