Sender restrictions when sending to Italy

From 1st November 2023 customers OUTSIDE of Italy can no longer message Italian recipients using alphanumeric sender IDs or local (non-Italian) VMNs.

To allow our customers to keep sending to Italian recipients in a compliant way we will automatically replace your alphanumeric sender ID or local VMN with an Italian VMN, meeting the requirements of AGCOM (the Italian regulatory body) compliance.

This will be a shared VMN, utilised by multiple customers sending to Italian recipients from our platform.

Should you wish to retain a unique number to message Italian recipients, we can provide at a cost, a dedicated Italian VMN unique to your business that you can use to message Italian recipients in a compliant way.

To purchase a dedicated Italian VMN, contact our Customer Success team.

If you are sending messages specifically to Italian recipients, you may want to include your brand name in the message body to help with recipient recognition.

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