Receiving Messages in Echo

You need to have a two-way account to receive SMS messages into your Echo account. If you have one, you will have been assigned a Virtual Mobile Number, which looks like a normal mobile number. Usually, you won’t have one if your first purchase was via our eCommerce platform, or if you have a trial account.

If you don’t have a two-way account, but would like to receive inbound messages, our sales team can help you if you call 01 631 9410, or email

How to view your inbound messages in Echo

To view your inbound messages, once you’ve logged into Echo, you need to click your ‘Inbox’ button.

Receiving messages via Echo

Your messages will be listed in date order and unread messages shown in bold.

This view only show you part of the message; to view the whole message just click into the message.

You can choose to reply from here; this will take you through to the Simple send screen with the recipient pre-populated.

If you click on the ‘From’ number, it will take you to a conversational view between the number and your account.

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