Customers that currently use to send messages will find the following information useful. Please note is not compatible with Echo for Email.

General Client Setup

You can connect to your Messenger account using any email client program that supports the SMTP and POP3 protocols. To send a text message, simply send an email to <MobileNumber>, and to send a voice message you need to send it to <MobileNumber>

An SMTP server is provided for sending sms messages and a POP3 server for receiving text messages. Both require authentication which is generally an additional option on SMTP clients.

The Username is a combination of your account reference and username in the form: <Account Reference>\<Username> e.g. EX0001234\

The password is the same as you use to sign into the Esendex Messenger website.

  • The SMTP Server is
  • The POP3 Server is

Generally email clients will allow you to set up additional accounts. By using your Esendex account you can send emails to <MobileNumber> that will be sent as text messages, and to <MobileNumber> that will be sent as voice messages.

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