Conversations in SMS Chat

Conversations in Progress

The Conversations in Progress section lists all conversations that a user has in progress. Included are any open conversations from any previous days and any new conversations.

If a user is part of multiple teams, there will be a section for each.

Data is organised first from oldest to youngest requiring agent action, and then oldest to youngest requiring action by the customer.

For each conversation the following information will be displayed:

  • Ref: Customer reference number
  • Name: Customer name
  • Number: Customers telephone number
  • Last Message: Date and time that last message was received
  • Next Action: Details who the next action is required by
  • Link: Alternative link to the page displaying the details of the conversation.

Responding to an SMS message

To access a conversation, click on the reference number underneath the Ref header. This leads you to the detailed conversation page, which is the primary page for conversations; all previous
messages in a conversation can be viewed here.

Other information can be viewed on this page, such as whether the conversation was triggered by an outbound or an inbound message, the date/time of each message and who sent it.

Users can respond to messages by either selecting a template from the template drop down, or by manually typing a message in the message box.

Closing a conversation

When you have selected a conversation by clicking on the reference, choose your closure reason from the available drop down in the Close Conversation section.

If you click submit, the conversation will close and becomes read only in the closed conversation window.

Searching for a conversation

Users with the correct permissions can search for any conversations in the past 90 days, to do this click the Search Link button at the top of the landing page.

You can search by telephone number, customer reference or customer name. Click on the reference to see a conversation in more detail.

Triggering conversations with Ad-hoc messages

Users can also trigger messages by sending ad-hoc messages, these are sent by clicking the ad-hoc message button. If a user is part of more than one team they will have a button for each team.

Once pressed, it allows the user to send either a free text or template message to the number entered.

The conversation will only appear as an open conversation if the person replies. Their key data will only be displayed if they are included in the daily file.

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