Bulk send

Bulk SMS allows you to upload and send a large amount of messages in one go. You can pull the data from your live CRM system or other databases and perform a send without needing to store the details in contacts first. Depending on your data and what you want to do you can send three different type of Bulk SMS.

  1. Same message to multiple phone numbers
  2. Individual messages to multiple phone numbers
  3. Personalised messages to multiple phone numbers

We’ll show examples of these below and the different screens you’ll see also. To ensure a successful upload please try to use one worksheet per file and check that the numbers are not stored as text before uploading.

To send

Select Bulk from the Send Menu Click Choose File to upload your file to the server Click Upload File The following screen will change in detail based on the content of your file, but it allows you to preview your data, choose your message, either from a Template (See templates) or free type a new message You are then ready to send your SMS or Voice message

Same message to multiple phone numbers

Your spreadsheet needs to simply contain the numbers you want to use in the first column of data.

When ready you can upload the file. This will then present the following screen, simply enter your message and then send the message as normal.

Individual messages to multiple phone numbers

This option allows you to in a group send SMS with different content to the numbers taken from your CRM, you prepare your messages in your file and then upload it to the server.

Once uploaded you will be able to preview the messages, but you won’t be able to edit the content.

Personalised messages to multiple phone numbers

Personalised messages are good for giving your customer or users more detailled information but still sending a large number of messages at once. You can export any data from your CRM that you need to make up your message.

After you have uploaded the file you’ll be presented with a screen to create the message. You’ll need to tell Echo where the phone numbers are in your data, simply select the column name.

Your field names are converted to buttons that can be used to insert content into message.  As you type out your message simply click the button when required.

When ready click on Preview and you’ll be able to see a few messages as a preview


Now you’re ready to send your SMS!

Lets try it!