Common error messages

Echo for Email If there are any discrepancies regarding authentication for Echo for Email account you may encounter one of the following errors below. This is nothing to be concerned about and can be easily resolved by yourself or the Esendex support team. Below are some common authentication errors which you may encounter when you are using our service.

‘553 Reverse path not authorised’

If you are receiving this message you do not have an authorised IP address or Email address set up for this user. To resolve this issue you will need to set up an email address for this user within the Add users section of your Echo for email account. If you have already added an email address to Echo for Email you will need to add the IP address or IP range of your mail server.

If you are using a mail filter company for your email addresses, such as Messagelabs or Bounce Address Tag Validation (BATV) please see our page on SPF records.

‘554 Transaction Failed’

This error can occur if you do not have credit on your account to send messages. If you are seeing this error please check your message balance.